Multiple state-of-the-art modular operation theatres are available at Rohtak Cancer Care, each of which is equipped with anesthesia machines that strive for excellence, cold operating lighting fixtures, a high-efficiency air filtering system, central gases as well as suction, an image intensifier, electrosurgical units, as well as endoscopic equipment, among other things. There are strong infection prevention and control methods in place in the operating rooms, and they are staffed by skilled professionals of anesthesiologists, technicians, and nurses. These procedures ensure that patients receive the highest possible level of protection during and after the operation.


We make every effort to provide a technologically sophisticated modular operation theatre as well as services that raise the overall quality of our healthcare facility. Our modular operating theatre equipment is of the highest caliber available. When it comes to the modular operation theatre at Rohtak Cancer Care, we make certain that it is equipped with the proper air-handling system, clean doors, and high-quality medical equipment that helps our doctors and surgeons perform better during the diagnosis or physical check of our patients.


Characteristics of the Modular Operation Theater

  • Design in accordance with NABH standards for Class 100 to 10000 HVAC systems Micron filtering at 20, 10, 3, and 0.3 microns
  • LAF HEPA bed made of stainless steel and aluminum
  • ELE control panel for the surgeon
  • Various cleaning puff partition wall/ceiling (cleanroom puff partition wall/ceiling)
  • partition SS puff SS puff partition
  • Puff partition with GI powder coating
  • Epoxy/polyurethane (PU) flooring
  • Pass box and view panel are also included.


Modular operation theatre manufacturers create cutting-edge Modular OTs that can improve patient safety while also increasing the effectiveness of treatment. The goal of these sophisticated operation theatres is to provide the greatest amount of flexibility possible while in operation. They adhere to the National Association of Business and Health (NABH) requirements for modular operation theatre – the high standards in administering innovative medical workspace.


Learn about some of the few advantages of a modular operation theatre, as well as the fundamental components of modular operation theatres, which will help you gain a better grasp of your workplace.


In addition to an advanced laparoscopy system, a Drager anesthetic system for complex newborn surgeries, and a Richard Wolf cystoscopy system, the modular operating room is fully equipped with advanced pediatric and adult laparoscopic tools. It is possible to perform complex surgeries on pediatric patients as well as newborns and extremely preterm babies using an advanced laminar flow system equipped with Hepa filters and a temperature control system. The equipment also provides excellent infection control.


An orthopedic operation theatre with laminar flow and a HEPA filter system is also available, which allows us to perform advanced spine surgeries, arthroscopies, and joint replacement surgeries with high levels of precision and superior infection prevention and control. This results in the finest outcomes for our patients. The operating room includes a c-arm facility, which allows for highly precise orthopedic procedures to be performed.

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