Palliative care can be beneficial at any stage of a disease’s progression. Initial treatments may be made more acceptable; later phases may allow you to cope with your disease, carry on with your everyday activities, aid you in making plans for future medical care, and offer you support while dealing with a life-threatening condition.

Palliative care is concerned with the well-being of the full person: body, mind, and spirit. It is the goal of our team of specialists to provide comfort, maintain your dignity, and assist you in establishing open communication among your family and carers.

Chronic pain is a pervasive problem that continues to be the most common reason for people to seek medical attention. A growing number of people will require therapy for pain caused by back abnormalities, degenerative joint disease, rheumatological disorders, visceral diseases, and life-threatening illnesses as the population becomes older. For this reason, VNS Westchester has established comprehensive pain management as well as a palliative care program that is unlike any other. In the home setting, a multidisciplinary team of professional specialists, coordinated by a registered nurse licensed in pain management, provides skillful and compassionate care for patients who are suffering from chronic pain.

Palliative care is provided to individuals whose illnesses have failed to respond to curative therapeutic options. Specifically, we are concerned with the management of pain as well as other physiological symptoms, in addition to psychosocial, social, and spiritual issues. Our mission is to provide patients and their carers with the highest possible level of quality of life. Unlike hospice, which focuses solely on end-of-life care, palliative care can assist patients and their caregivers in managing not only pain but also other symptoms that arise during the course of the disease – even while receiving active treatment for the underlying illness – in order to improve their quality of life.

We provide a comprehensive palliative care program for persons in New Jersey who are suffering from a life-threatening illness. In collaboration with you, your family, and other members of your healthcare team, our medical specialists will build a care plan that will focus on reducing stress and pain, as well as symptoms of your disease, and on showing compassion to your body, mind, as well as spirit.

Palliative care and hospice care are not always the same thing, despite the fact that they share several qualities. Hospice care is a type of end-of-life care provided to persons who are suffering from a terminal illness. Palliative care is a medical specialty that is offered from the time that a serious illness is diagnosed and is provided in conjunction with other curative therapy.

Team for Palliative Care

Physicians, advanced practice nurses, registered nurses, psychologists, consulting psychiatrists, registered dietitians, and social services make up the professional palliative care team at our facility. They keep in frequent communication with the patient’s primary care physician and other specialists in order to guarantee a smooth transition from one level of treatment to another.

Palliative care is intended to improve your overall quality of life by addressing symptom management and providing psychological support. You can receive palliative care at the same time as you are receiving chemotherapy, radiation, dialysis, physical therapy, surgery, or any other medical treatment that you are receiving.

To assist you in getting better while undergoing treatment, our palliative care team collaborates with the medical professional who is already caring for you to offer symptom relief & support services. No matter what your diagnosis is, our knowledgeable team is here to assist you in finding comfort and determining what is most important in terms of your health care.

Symptoms including pain, nausea, coughing, shortness of breath, anxiety, and constipation that are associated with a long-term illness can be managed by our team of professionals. Our palliative care specialists can also assist you and your family in having crucial conversations about code status (regarding resuscitation & artificial life-support) and transitioning to hospice care if that is what is needed.

Chronic pain issues can be alleviated and made more comfortable. Patients from all over the world come to us for treatment because of our well-established reputation for excellence. Our specialists are committed to offering the most comprehensive pain therapies available in Rohtak, as well as best-practice pain management services and a personalized treatment plan to each patient.

Palliative care i designed to promote the overall well-being of you and your family. Our palliative care specialists are dedicated to meeting your physical, emotional, including spiritual requirements in order to assist you and your family have a better quality of life. In conjunction with curative medical treatment, we provide palliative care to our patients.


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