Medical Oncology

Located within the Rohtak Cancer Care Center, the medical oncology department is an essential component of our cancer treatment program. In addition to providing oncology treatments, the medical oncology section at Rohtak Cancer Care is also trained in the therapy of nonmalignant blood problems such as anemia, among other things.

A group of committed medical oncologists oversees our expert personnel. Chemotherapy/biotherapy administration is performed by our nurses who have received national certification first from the Oncology Nursing Society. On-site oncology-certified pharmacists ensure the safe management of chemotherapy, as well as the convenience of patients and efficient communication between physicians and nurses who are providing medicines. We also have an on-site lab where lab work is performed, and the results are evaluated by the physician, allowing the patient to be treated as soon as possible. A registered phlebotomist, as well as a medical technologist/hematology expert, are available as additional services.

Cancer Treatment at the Pinnacle of Technology

Rohtak Cancer Care is the greatest alternative for cancer patients in the region since it provides access to anti-cancer drug clinical studies, cutting-edge technology, as well as the highest level of certification from the Highest Body Of Medical Association. Our oncology services are designed to provide expert care with such a personal touch, combining together decades of combined experience with the most up-to-date cancer treatment technology available in the field.

Compassionate cancer treatment that is centered on your well-being

Our medical oncologists are devoted to the well-being of their patients. We provide high-quality care in a caring environment where you — not your disease — are our first and foremost focus, rather than your cancer.

Furthermore, with sites throughout Rohtak Cancer Care’s extensive network in and around the city, you can receive this treatment close to home.

Currently, Rohtak Cancer Care seems to be the only cancer facility in the region that has been designated as a Comprehensive Cancer Center by the National Cancer Institute.

With our resources, we can provide cutting-edge therapy choices which may not be available anywhere else in the world.

Your healthcare provider may recommend that you participate in a clinical trial, which can provide you with access to the most up-to-date cancer treatments. We strongly encourage you to participate in clinical trials for new cancer medications and treatment procedures.

With additional training in hematology, our medical oncologists are equipped to treat a wide range of cancers and blood diseases. Because hematology and oncology overlap in so many practice settings, having a doctor who is board-certified in both fields is a valuable resource and a strong approach to guarantee that you are receiving the most comprehensive care possible for your condition. We provide patients with chemotherapies, hormonal therapies, immunological therapies, biologic therapies, and a wide range of additional treatments.

In the event that you have cancer, we understand the tremendous emotional toll it can have on your life. We provide a comprehensive range of support services to assist you in managing your life during your diagnosis, treatment, including recovery. The therapies we provide include alternative medicine therapies such as meditation and yoga, counseling support, as well as physical therapy.

Our hematologists and clinical oncologists are among the best in the world in their respective specialties. By conducting clinical trials, they are able to discover novel medicines and procedures for identifying and treating cancer patients in the future. Because of our collaboration with excellent medical services — and because of you — we are able to provide access to more cancer trials for more types of cancer than ever before.

In addition to working with other institutions, our faculty members are active members of national and worldwide oncology committees, including steering groups. As active participants in the institute’s service and leadership, our members serve as an open two-way conduit for knowledge that benefits the institute as well as the greater oncology & health care communities. Our faculty members are motivated by the need to improve care for actual patients, which drives them to push boundaries and shape healthcare policy, reaching outward to support healthcare standards locally and globally.

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